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Welding Repair


If it's metal....we can weld it! 


                   Material's we work with:                                  Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Stellite, Beryllium, Inconel (Nickel), Pot Metal, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Cast Aluminum.

 Equipment we use:

 TIG wlder, MIG welder, Stick welder, Oxygen, and acetylene torch.

There is no job too small. We don't only do Production and Fabrication metal welding. We love doing custom metal Welding and small metal repair welding.



Custom made aluminum cart with drawers and wheels.

    Here at Metal Magician we love doing custom projects. We believe we are only limited by the creativity of our customer's and employees.

Tooling we use:

6 Ton Hydraulic Press, 4 foot Pan Break, Tubing Bender, Plasma Cutter, Vertical Band Saw, Horizontal Band Saw.

Do you have a project that you have been wanting to get completed but don't know how.  Bring it to us and we will help you with Materials, Drawing's and any other application that will bring your idea to reality.





     We have a Full Custom Fabrication and Repair Machine Shop.

Machine's We use:

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine and Horizontal Lathe.

Doesn't matter if you have a big or small Machining, Repair, or Fabrication job, we would love the opportunity to complete it for you.

More About Us

    We are a One-Stop Full Metal Fabrication and Welding Repair Shop.  We are a family run, Pacific Northwest Born business for the past 15 years.  We currently reside in Kent, WA in an 1800 sq ft shop that is adjacent to our family home.  We take pride in providing excellent customer service and making every job a priority no matter how big or small.

    Welding Services we provide include: Sanitary Welding (for Restaurant equipment), Aviation Welding (fuel tanks, air frames, motor mounts, heater tubes, etc), Marine Welding (Manifolds, fish processing equipment, haul repair) Rim Repair, custom cart's.  We also do lots of small repair jobs such as:  repair crack's in seat frames, Cracked rims, leakie fuel tanks,trailer repair, cracked cast iron and aluminum.  If its metal we can weld it!

    We provide Machine Shop Services, tooling, plasma cutting, shearing, bending, a 6 ton metal press, casting/foundry work, and sheet metal work.  Some examples of projects we have been involved with include:  repair of a 4 foot tall bronze crane yard sculpture, repair of aluminum pedestal for a Grandfather Clock, custom fabrication of Headache Rack and Ladder Rack for a Flatbed Truck, custom chimney cap covers, metal mounts for x-ray machines, earthquake re-enforcement brackets for residential upgrading projects. We have manufactured locking pins for large commercial companies, made custom tooling for city water departments, and re-manufactured parts for the weekend car enthusiast.  If you have a metal project in mind, we would love to help you complete it from beginning to end.  Give us a call so we can help you get started on your project today! 


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